The GTPConnect™ II is a user login and password protected Web Based service, that allows you to effortlessly connect and maintain your controllers from any computer or smart phone with a web browser, but this service also gives you a graphical display or your system, notification of alarms, trouble shooting bar graphs, stores your system datalogs and lets you post service reports all from one simple, preconfigured service. We do not sell this and just walk away, the factory will not only fully support the service, but can provide useful help when troubleshooting, configuring and responding to alarms. Make sure your new equipment is being used to the fullest, get GTPConnect™ II and have the factory on your side.

Pressing the Dashboard button, takes you to your graphical display which will include linked images of your equipment, standard service report notification and factory defined direct sensor & relay graphs from your datalogs.

You linked images from your graphical display get you exclusive content that offers all troubleshooting and manuals in one place. Manuals, parts break downs, frequently asked questions and techincal tips, convenient and complete, get what you need at your finger tips.

No spending time learning new software or not getting the support you need, GTPConnect™ II comes factory installed and tested to make sure you are ready to go as soon as you plug it in. Although it looks similar to our robust innovative APP, but does so much more. Simply click on the controller and connect directly to your web enabled controller.

The Reports button will give you the standard and water analysis reports, but will also log your reports for future reference. log the alarm notifications and allow you to make comments and recommendations and store them on your site.

Check out our on-line demo by going back to the home page and logging in below, Use the login of  "" and password "DEMO" to enter our site. Make comments, connect to controller and make comments.

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