GTPConnect™ simplifies controller maintenance, connection and security problems for off-site controllers with software & hardware. We have developed a simple, turn key, ready to install network to link any and all Ethernet ready controllers and access locally or over the Internet. No matter the amount, GTPConnect™ can simplify your control needs and make your service program top notch. Call for your solution today.

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W600 Cooling Tower Demo


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GTPConnect™ + is preconfigured/customizable software designed specifically for Modbus capable W600, W900 & WebMaster® Controllers. Using Modbus interface, we will provide/customize a single or multiple graphical display(s) of your process(es), arrange and verify the data, then deliver to you as one easy download. No new software to learn, no verifying data, no hiring software engineers to write, design and correct information. OEM version available for manufacturing process systems.

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